Skylord Elberich

aka King of narm

  • I live in a bungalow outside of Bradford
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Apprentice workshop technician
  • I am bored
  • Skylord Elberich

    Mr Rage

    April 3, 2016 by Skylord Elberich

    Mr Godot Eustace Rage (Also known as Horace Pooperstinkle) is and old enemy of Splendorman, and the presumed leader of the Grumpy-Wumpies, though he prefers the term 'Aggressors of the Pusillanimous'. It is unknown how, where, or when they met, but it is assumed that they have known each other for a long time. His mere prescence causes Splendy to go into Angry Form. He was briefly imprisoned in San Quentin, but escaped during a prison riot.

    His current whereabouts are unknown.

    • Makes children cry for no particular reason
    • Knocks over the elderly
    • Tells inapropriate jokes at funerals
    • Berates fellow Grumpie-Wumpies for not being mean enough
    • Cooks sushi before eating it
    • Tips cows
    • Farts in lifts
    • Convinced JonTron to do that thing with a pumpkin, some rope, …

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  • Skylord Elberich

    I've looked at the family tree, and I've noticed something. There is a lack of of female relitives. So, I've decided to think of some ladies to add to the family. Hopefully, they'll catch on, but only time will tell.

    Die Großdame is the wife of Der Großmann, and the mother of Splendor man. Unlike her husband and second child, Slenderman, she is a kindred forest spirit, and only kills when necessary. She is where Splendor Man and Tender Man get their kind demeanor from.

    Artemis Mann, More commonly known as the Thin Lady, is Slender Man's twin sister, with a similar appearence, but with a pencil skirt and jack boots, and her mother's platinum blonde hair. Like her brother, she suffers from Middle Child Syndrome, but is shy, creative, and more …

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