The Receiver
The Receiver is a being very similar to Splendor Man. It is unknown where he came from, but despite their similarities (or maybe because of them) he does not get along with Splendor Man.

Differences From Splendor ManEdit

He has multiple differences from Splendor Man

  • He does not have any tentacles or tentacle like powers. (at least none shown so far)
  • He rarely seems to move on camera.
  • His appearance causes extreme physical debilitation and audio/video destruction of electronics.
  • He can wipe extensive periods of memory from victims.
  • He does not seem to have any limitations in movement.
  • His behavior is a mix of puppy-like and sapient, making him highly unpredictable.
  • He seems to cause odd behavioral changes in people, such as Alex becoming more friendly.
  • The spots on his outfit are much smaller
  • He's not as nice, as he stalks mean people without actually trying to make them nice. GASP