The Princess Experiment was a government-funded attempt to make lots of little girls feel like Princesses, in hopes of luring Splendor Man in order to study him.

However, Splendor Man knew what they were up to, and simply took the little girls to his own tea party, before sending them home.

Description of The ExperimentEdit

Each little girl was given a pretty dress of their choice, and sat in a throne while coloring in coloring books. Eventually they got bored, and that's when Splendor Man took them to his tea party.

Description of Splendor Man's Tea PartyEdit

They were in a pretty garden. Vanilla Honey Chomomile Tea was served in cute little flower shaped cups. They also ate choclate chip cookies, did eachother's hair, painted their nails, and each of the girls was given a fancy tiara and a pretty necklace. They watched lots of animated princess movies, including various Disney films, Barbie Films, and others.