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By me444Hajimaru

Splendor Man (aka Splendy) is the older brother of Slender Man, and rewards nice people by giving them gifts, such as flowers and glitter.


Splendorman almost always has a happy smile on his face, even though he doesn't have a nose (which unlike some, doesn't bother him at all). He wears a black top hat with a red ribbon across it, and a suit covered in polka-dots. His tentacles, although accounts on what color they are vary, have bells on the ends of them (although some believe the bells are removable). He wears a red bow-tie, and is very tall.

He has black clawed hands.


He is about the nicest guy you'll ever meet! He loves everything that is happy and cheerful, especially nice people. Unlike his brother, he is very friendly towards children.

He does not like bullies, however, who make him angry because of their lack of kindness.

You do not want to see him angry.

He likes bright colors, gardening, and animals.

He really hates being mistaken for the younger sibling, and is slightly sensitive about being a couple inches shorter than his younger brother, Slender Man.

First Known Sighting



First Sighting

Splendorman was first sighted by a couple of very nice ladies shooting a short film, Tiffany and Becky, both who instantly recognized him (suggesting he has been seen other times). He gave them flowers and danced for them, filling them with joy.


  • It's said he bleeds rainbows.
  • His favorite season is Spring, because of the flowers.
  • Seriously, he hates being mistakend for the younger sibling. It drives him crazy.
  • It is unknown where he gets his endless supply of flowers, glitter, puppies, and kittens.


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