Lauren Page is an elderly Grumpy-Wumpy who throws things at kids who get too close to her yard, and swears enough to make a sailor blush.


She made the mistake of throwing something at a kid The Happy Watcher was playing with, catching the attention of both The Happy Watcher and Splendor Man, who decided she needed to be punished.

However, kittens and glitter didn't work on her, and she just kept getting meaner and meaner every day.

It was at this point extreme measures began to be taken, as Splendor Man began stalking her, and leaving flowers near her every day, but with no sucess.

This began to worry The Happy Watcher, who knows that if Splendor Man gets too angry, he can turn into a much scarier version of himself. As a result, The Happy Watcher decided to try and defeat Lauren Page herself, in hopes Splendor Man would be able to relax and not turn into his scary version. However, Splendor Man still kept stalking Lauren Page, even though The Happy Watcher was trying to take care of it.

Eventually, Lauren Page managed to steal The Device, and hack into it, making Splendor Man go into the most serious case of Angry Form ever witnessed.