KindVonDerRAINBOWS is this guy who worships Splendorman, but Splendorman doesn't like being worshipped. Nevertheless, KindVonDerRAINBOWS wants to become a Buddy so he can serve Splendorman pancakes in the morning. He one day hopes that both he and Splendy could watch the entire Markiplier video library and laugh at Mark because he's silly.


He drew this big smiley face on himself to try and look like Splendor Man, and rainbows follow him wherever he goes.

He is Tiffany's ex boyfriend, but she dumped him after finding out he only dated her to get close to Splendor Man. What a jerk, KindVonDerRAINBOWS, Splendy will have to factor that in to your friendship rating!

Some believe he is secretly the great grandson of Bob, which he is trying to hide because Bob was a jerk. Splendy doesn't blame him.