Buddies are friends of Splendor Man, who help him spread joy to others.

It actually started very recently, when some people Splendor Man brought cheer to decided they wanted to help spread cheer to others, alongside Splendor Man.

They often do kind things for others, and are usually cheerful and playful. They often enjoy things that bring joy, such as cute animals. They also generally are pretty good with young children and enjoy playing with them.

Known BuddiesEdit

Image Name Description
The Happy Watcher profile
The Happy Watcher The Happy Watcher was saved by Splendor Man and has been repaying him for his kindness ever since.


HOBBY is The Happy Watcher's teddy bear, who came to life after coming into contact with Splendor Man.
Alex He owns an Ice Cream Truck and gives out free ice cream. No one has ever seen what he really looks like.
Timid Toby
Timid Tommy The poor guy hides behind a mask...
No image here, for he is too mysterious... El Gato Feliz THE GREAT EL GATO FELIZ!!!!!