Splendor rage sketch by gothicraft-d6ifzow

A minor case of Angry Form (By gothicraft)

Angry Form is a form Splendor Man goes into in extreme situations. Buddies do their best to prevent him from going into Angry Form


Splendor Man rarely ever gets angry, but when he does, he grows sharp teeth, and sometimes his eyes glow red.

How scary he turns depends on how angry he becomes, but it rarely turns too serious.

After going into angry form, it takes lots of happy things and friendliness to get him out of it.

Known CausesEdit

  • Extreme cases of cruelty and unkindness
  • Direct attacks towards Splendorman and his buddies
  • Grumpy-Wumpies can often trigger a case with their cruel behavior
  • Trying to go to the center of The Maze

The IncidentEdit

Splendorman s rage by xxlevanaxx-d5y6m7f

By XxLevanaxX This piece is the closest to how Splendy really looked out of all the scary fan art.

The most extreme case of his Angry Form occurred as a result of Lauren Page's extreme meanness and stealing The Device from The Happy Watcher. In this case, his tongue became elongated, and his jaw stretched further than usual.

The Happy Watcher was able to return him to normal, but it took two weeks, three bags of chocolate, four kittens, five bouquets of flowers, and a long hug to do so.

Unfortunately, people saw it long enough to mistakenly believe that Splendy is usually like that, and make scary fan art. This has led to problems whenever Splendy goes to cheer someone up.